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7 Types of Vulnerable Women Miscarried

There are various things that can make a woman vulnerable to miscarriage, from the age of pregnancy, the pattern of daily living, to the disease that has or is being suffered. Although it is not something that is expected to occur, miscarriages should be watched out for. Miscarriages generally occur before pregnancy reaches 20 weeks. This condition can be characterized by bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy, accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. If you experience this complaint, you should immediately consult a gynecologist These are the Characteristics of Vulnerable Women Having a Miscarriage Most miscarriage cases just happen without a specific reason. In fact, 1 in 8 women can miscarry, even before they realize they are pregnant. However, there is a strong assumption that interference with chromosomes are the main cause of miscarriage. Apart from these allegations, a number of conditions are also considered to make a woman more at risk of miscarriage. These conditio
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Petting Can Be Pregnant or Not, Depending on Conditions

The question of whether petting can get pregnant or not often occurs in the minds of some people. Especially young people who do not understand much sexual activity. To find out the answer, see the explanation in the following article. Petting for married couples can be used as foreplay or foreplay before having sex. Meanwhile, petting for many unmarried couples is done to satisfy sexual desires without engaging in intercourse. What is Petting? Petting is a term used to describe activities that stimulate or provide sexual stimulation to a partner, generally by using hands or mouth. The term petting is also used to touch or touch a partner to experience orgasm. Some petting actions taken by women in men include touching, kissing, or having oral sex on the penis. Meanwhile, when men do petting on women, stimulation that can be done is in the area around the breast and vagina. Petting can also be done with sex aids. Can Petting Get Pregnant? Petting can be pregnant or not depends

This is the reason why you choose low-fat milk

For someone who wants to lose weight, low-fat milk can sound so tempting. But did you know? Low-fat milk was also beneficial to reduce the risk of various diseases. Low-fat milk there are several types, namely low-fat milk with a fat content of 1%, 2%, and no fat at all or also called skim milk. Milk with 2% fat content contains at least 120 calories and 4.5 grams of fat. Whereas milk with 1% fat content contains 100 calories and 2.5 grams fat. Another case with nonfat milk or skim milk. This milk does not contain fat, it can even be said to be very low in cholesterol. Just imagine, in one glass of skim milk there are at least only 5 milligrams of cholesterol, 83 calories, and no saturated fat content. With a relatively low fat and cholesterol content, low-fat milk is believed to provide more health benefits for the body. Benefits of Low-Fat Milk Want to know the other benefits of consuming low-fat milk? Check out the various benefits of low-fat milk below: Lose weight Milk